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Do I know you?

Where: Just outside the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue subway station, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

When: Mid-June 2011.

What: A young man wondering why I’m taking his picture. Don’t worry, his angry look was just for the show, he turned out to be a very nice guy.


  1. I really dig the way you use the vignettes tools & burning edges tool to lead our eyes to THE subject. Hi5! Your pics are really inspiring me man. Keep it up. (practice practice, practice practice … I must keep on practice) lol

    We are cool like that :)

    • Thanks Mario! Your comments are always a pleasure to read.
      Vignetting is indeed a very good way to enhance the focus on your subject, but it’s just a tool that will give you bad results if your picture is not composed accordingly. Composition is first and everything (or almost) in street photography.

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