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Buy this car © 2011 . All rights reserved.

Buy this car

Where: In Times Square, Manhattan, New York, USA. When: Mid-August 2011. What: A young woman working for the Fiat 500 event that happened on August 13 and 14 in Times Square. Thirty-six Fiat 500, coupe and cabriolet, were parked on … Continue reading

Stars and Stripes © 2011 . All rights reserved.

Stars and Stripes

Where: Washington Place and Broadway in Manhattan, New York, USA. When: Yesterday. What: A young woman advertising outside an American Apparel store.

Wayward lock © 2011 . All rights reserved.

Wayward lock

Where: Somewhere on North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California. When: End of December 2010. What: A commercial for a famous fancy clothes company and a palm tree leaf. Watch it on Flickr.

Man in black © 2010 . All rights reserved.

Man in black

Where: Times Square in Manhattan, New York, USA. 

When: Mid-November 2010.

 What: I can't remember anything but a flash… :-)

 Watch it on Flickr.