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The girl in red © 2012 . All rights reserved.

The girl in red

Where: In front of the Opera Garnier in Paris, France. When: End of December 2011. What: A young lady on her way to the opera.

Alone in the dark © 2011 . All rights reserved.

Alone in the dark

Where: On Broadway, between West 34th and West 35th Streets, Manhattan, New York, USA. When: Mid-September 2011. What: An old lady with big sunglasses sitting on a chair.

Fast food generation © 2011 . All rights reserved.

Fast food generation

Where: Corner of East 14th Street and 1st Avenue in Manhattan, New York, USA.

 When: Beginning of December 2010.

 What: An old lady choosing her dinner in a selection of very healthy meals. Watch it on Flickr.

Young lady and a horse © 2010 . All rights reserved.

Young lady and a horse

Where: Somewhere around Grenoble, France.

 When: Mid-July 2006.

 What: A young woman on a walk with her horse. Watch it on Flickr.